2021 NNRMLS Staff

Misty Burch, Director of Membership & Compliance

Mimi Carrier, MLS Policy & Project Manager

Andrew Cristancho, Director of Marketing

Amie Duncan, Executive Assistant

Dale Lloyd, Senior Support Technician

Loy Mach, Creative Designer

George Pickard, Chief Executive Officer

Chris Rock, Support Technician I

Ryan Snyder, Director of Information Technology

Amie VanClute, Director of Finance & Office Administration

2021 Board of Trustees

Helen Graham, President

Debbie Logan, Vice-President

Ken Amundson, Treasurer

Steve Bohler, Trustee

Leslie Cain, Trustee

Avis Cherry, Trustee

Marge Hauge, Trustee

Angelica Reyes, Trustee

Dan Rider, Trustee

Pat Schweigert, Trustee